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It is POSSIBLE to change the shape of your nose at home

Note: RhinoCorrect is out of stock in stores, but today you can order it online!

Andrei Mikhailov
Candidate in Medical Sciences,
plastic surgeon

Hello, my name is Andrei Mikhailov and I'm the leading plastic surgeon in a well known Moscow clinic.

My work experience in medicine is more than 15 years. Every year I make hundreds of operations, for which people are willing to pay a lot of money. Unfortunately, many of them are not aware that in 80% of cases a surgical operation is not required! Nowadays the Modern medicine allows us to correct any flaws in appearance without the aid of plastic surgery .

Plastic surgery is a fast, expensive and extremely dangerous method of transformation. The original aim of it was to help people with birth defects in appearance or with defects occurred after injuries.

BUT... DOCTORS made of this incredibly profitable business, by carrying out operations without indications, but only upon request. Because of this similar results occur:

Beauty industry carefully conceals many of non-surgical methods of appearance correction and today I will talk about one of them.

Six months ago, I was approached by a patient wishing to make a rhinoplasty, simply speaking - to change the shape of her nose. It was 20 (!)years old girl, quite beautiful. But, she thought she had a huge nose with a hump. When I asked why she considers her nose "ugly," she said: "It is now fashionable to have a small, neat nose”.

As a specialist, I told her that the shape of her nose is anatomically perfect, and the operation in her case can only hurt it . But how can I prove to a person that his/her actions are not correct? That's right - this is impossible.

Then I decided to offer her an alternative option – to slightly correct the tip and hump of her nose by using RhinoCorrect..

What is RhinoCorrect?

This is a special plaster, which helps to change the shape of the nose without the need for plastic surgery. It is versatile and has a wide range of actions in helping:
- to narrow the shape of the nose
- to reduce its length
- to remove the bumps or hump
- to correct nose tip
- to change the shape of nose wings
- to restore symmetry

With regular use of RhinoCorrect desired result can be achieved in 2-4 months without traumatic impact or feeling pain.

Experts have recognized RhinoCorrect as a 100% alternative to plastic surgery, taking into account the fact that it is ten times cheaper and is absolutely harmless. But, as you see, its use will not bring for the beauty industry such profits as rhinoplasty surgery. Therefore, the information about these plasters is carefully concealed.

My patient initially treated the RhinoCorrect sceptically, but I convinced her that the result will fulfil all her expectations. And there will be no need to fear for her health and to spend a lot of money.

I told her in detail how to use RhinoCorrect to achieve the desired result and appointed for repeated visit after three months.

This is the effect she has achieved during a relatively short period of time:

The difference between before and after is colossal. I am not sure that the surgical operation would give a better effect: the patient's nose has become much smoother, the hump has almost disappeared, and by correcting the shape of the nose tip the nose began to look neater and elegant. And all this was done:
Without surgery
Without pain, bruises and swelling
Without expensive post-operative therapy.

As an experienced doctor, especially taking care of the health of patients, I recommend this plaster to everyone, who wants to change or improve the shape of nose. Without effort, unnecessary costs and harm to the health. Today it is the only alternative to plastics, and it is much superior in efficacy.

NOTE: RhinoCorrect can be ordered on a dedicated website.

Go to the website


Anastasia Kovalyova I am against operations. They only make people look like a freak. These eyelids strained to the forehead, inflated lips, horrible!

Anna GuninaFor what people are spending their money. For nothing, they are spending 100 thousand to change their noses. For that money they could better buy brains for themselves.

Olesya Varzieva I do understand the patient, I hate my nose too, I just cannot live with it! But I do not have so much money as needed for the rhinoplasty.

Ксюша Карпина The only true plastic surgeon! I knew it that all these operations are made just to swindle out money

Игорь Добровольский Oh, look how cool her nose is now. Strange, but no one paid attention to this. I wonder whether the plaster really acts like this?

Yanochka Shishulina A great result. Tell me, has somebody already used it?

Marina Blohtina I met few girls here in St. Petersburg, who told me that they have changed the shape of their nose with this RhinoCorrect

Ilona Mikhailyuk I found out about RhinoCorrect on the plastic surgery forum. I went to a clinic in our city, consulted with a doctor. Wore such RhinoCorrect plaster 4 months, my nose significantly narrowed, earlier it also was very broad, looked like almost "potato". I am very pleased with the result. Only I bought RhinoCorrect in that clinic very expensive, now I see the same plaster,on this site, but it is much cheaper! Oh, if I knew it before ...! .

Dina Egorova Does it hurt? I also do not like my nose

Mikhailov Andrey A. No, RhinoCorrect does not make feel any pain or discomfort. Potency occurs gradually

Nitrachka Frozen Will RhinoCorrect make my nose look awry?

Mikhailov Andrey A. No, as you can yourself correct RhinoCorrect for the desired result.

Irishka Savevskaya Are there any more positive results in your practice for using RhinoCorrect?

Mikhailov Andrey A. Here's an example: girl Olesya, 28 years old. After a break her nose formed a hump, by using RhinoCorrect she regained the symmetry in 2.5 months. The operation to correct the defect would cost about (Please, suggest an approximate price of a rhinolasty in your country).

Tatiana Znamenskoye A good result, I have a similar problem, can I order RhinoCorrect and use it on my own?

Lena Horoshilova Yeah, I got this plaster a month ago, there is a detailed instruction, you can adjust it

Tatiana Znamenskoye And how do you like it? Are there any results?

Lena Horoshilova Yes, I had a slight hump since my childhood, that's what the result is at the moment, the nose is almost smooth, I think I will wear it for one more month and everything will be fine! My husband already appreciated it!

Anastasia Pivovarova Beautiful nose

Mikhailov Andrey A Good result

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